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Sunday, 31 August 2014


It has been 5 months since the Fusion show. It was a great experience exhibiting over the 3 days, and there were numerous opportunities to speak with or listen to talks by professionals from the industry, SIDM alumni and lecturers from the universities (e.g. DigiPen), which provided much useful insight of what's in store for us in the future

The graduation ceremony was held 2 months after, which officially marked the end of our tedious but enjoyable 3-year journey in NYP. Apart from marking the end of the journey, the ceremony was also one of my proudest moments where I was conferred various awards (Most prestigiously, the MDA IDM Award) as the top graduating student of SIDM.

Even though we have all graduated from NYP, many of the SIDM graduates will be seeing each other again in DigiPen (After the mandatory 2-years National Service for the guys, of course!).

With the tedious 3-years journey over, I took a break over the past few months catching up on all the anime and games which I did not had much time for the past year (The final year was really busy and taxing!).

After taking a breather for a few months, I recently started programming again; this time, not for a school assignment but a personal project. Apart from getting back into the groove of programming and game design, this project is mostly meant to understand and try the implementation of certain concepts into games. There's not much to share as it's still early in the development stages, but more will be revealed in due time!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

End-of-Poly Showreel

In preparation of Fusion 2014, one of the main things we had to do was to compile all the work we have done in these 3 years of polytechnic education. While artists would have a portfolio of all the artworks they have done, ours would be a video compilation of the games we have made.

Previously, I had already done a showreel for one of my modules, though an update was inevitable as it did not contain all my more recent works. In addition to including my newer projects, I also reversed the order to show the newer projects first, and lo and behold, the updated showreel that covers all the game development works through my 3 years in NYP!

Preparing for the Show

After 3 years of grueling hard work, my journey in NYP is finally coming to an end. Despite the academic semester having ended, all the graduating students (inclusive of myself) in the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) still cannot rest as we have to prepare for the annual SIDM event, Fusion, coming up in late-March.

Every year, SIDM will have an exhibition show where graduating students from the 6 different courses of the school (Not the poly!) will showcase all the work they have done to the public and professionals from the industry. Even the event website was done by the very own students of SIDM from the Interaction Design course, though it's not fully up yet (At the time of writing, at least).

This year, Fusion will be held at the Singapore Expo from March the 27th to the 29th, although only 2 out of the 3 days are open to the public:
  • March the 28th, 10am to 6pm
  • March the 29th, 12pm to 6pm
The first day of the event and the nighttime are closed door events reserved for parents, alumni and the industry VIPs.

Like most of my schoolmates probably are, this is an event that I'm looking forward to as it will be one of the last 2 major events in our polytechnic education (The other being the graduation ceremony in mid-May). If you are someone interested or already working in the game development industry, a game enthusiast or just happen to have some free time, do come down to the event and check it out!

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Thursday, 20 February 2014


WIth OIAP over, the last part of my 3-years in NYP was the Final Year Project, which started just a week or two after we returned to Singapore. The project which I was allocated was one of the most major ones, being the feature game for our upcoming exhibition show, FUSION, which is an annual event where all graduating students in NYP SIDM showcase the works they have done throughout their years in NYP to the public and potential employers in the industry, etc.

In order to make the entire event feel seamlessly tied together, our game had to be closely related to the works that other courses have done for this very same show, namely the branding by the Motions Graphics & Broadcast Design (MGBD) students and the animation clip by the Animation students. One of the downsides of this was that the design for the game was rather limited due to how we had to keep everything in line with the animation clip and the theme of the event.

Nonetheless, I was able to  come up with a game concept whereby the game is mainly played as a run-and-game 2D platformer, but in a 3D world. At any point of the game, you can switch the camera view such that the 2D platformer is played in the Z-Y axes rather than the X-Y axes, allowing you to navigate through the maze in the 3D world ("maze" being one of the keywords in the branding of FUSION). Another issue that cropped up was that I was unable to properly flesh out the game design as I had to put most of my focus and effort into the programming of the game, though we still managed to finish the project with substantial gameplay in the end.

As with the OIAP's collaboration project, Ripple, I was in charge of most of the gameplay programming, such as all the player controls, platformer physics, enemy AI and the culling of the level geometry depending on whether they are behind or in front of the player. Another major part which I worked on was the user interface, which is able to scale itself across different screen sizes and support multi-touch input (The game is meant to be played on Android Tablets or the iPad).

Sunday, 16 February 2014


The highlight of the 3-months OIAP in Japan was the 3DS collaboration project between members of NYP and Trident College. We were split into 2 groups of 7-8 members, and as mentioned back in my post a few months back, "we had the honor of working with Suzuki-san, the director of Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life, which is very popular in Japan and has held the top-seller spot for several weeks."

"Over the course of the first week, we were to brainstorm game concepts to submit to Suzuki-san for him to look through and pick one". The idea chosen for our group was "Ripple", where the goal of the game was to generate ripples and make use of the various game elements to reflect the ripples to a goal point.

After several discussions over the game direction and design, the game was changed slightly such that the goal is to guide the baby swan to its mother, although the core mechanics of the usage of ripples remained.

For the project, I worked as the gameplay programmer, implementing the physics of the ripples and all the various game elements. The technical limitations of the 3DS and the engine we were using caused a few hiccups along the way, such as the sprite limit of 256 and slow computation speeds. Nonetheless, I managed to overcome the problems by finding workaround methods and optimizing the program.

Among all the projects I have done thus far, this was probably the most physics-intensive. However, it was a great learning experience trying to implement those physics, especially that of the ripples and the speculative contact collision detection.